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Stanhope Mews East, SW7

South Kensington

The original property is a mid-terrace, two story house, within the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. The general architectural style features a terrace of houses with a mix of brick/stucco façade and mostly of post-war construction, except No 72 which is a pre-war construction.

Planning consent was obtained for the extension of a basement floor and a new additional 2nd floor with terrace.

The construction work has been done in two stages:1. Excavation and formation of a basement level under the property involving removal of rubble/hardcore from the former lower level and providing a new concrete walls and floors of the new basement and ground floors.2. Construction of new mansard roof at second floor level with front terrace.

During the refurbishment and construction work, the house was inspected regularly by the conservation officers to ensure compliance with the planning requirements.

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